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Offset Printing is a process which is commonly used for Printing. Most of the Printing Jobs are done using offset Printing. Offset Printing is very simple process. Three cylinders are used to transfer the image onto the substrate. In Offset Printing the image and non-image areas are on the same surface level.Offset Printing acquired the method from lithography and it is also known as litho offset printing.

Applications of Offset Printing

1) Speed of production is very high in Offset Printing.
2) Offset Printing is very Cost Effective.
3) Offset Printing is a helping hand for Printing Flyers, Brochures & other Marketing Collateral.
4) When we talk about large volumes of Printing and documents, only suggestion is Offset Printing.

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Advantages of Offset Printing

1) Offset printing produces good quality images for example letterpress printing, in this the rubber blanket conforms to the texture of the printing surface.
2) Printing Plates are easy to produce.
3) In Offset Printing the life of the Printing Plate is longer than on direct litho presses
4) The flow of ink on the fountain roller can easily be adjusted with screw keys in Offset Printing

Disadvantages of Offset Printing

1) Time taking process for making plates & registration in place of Digital Printing.
2) More Costly then Digital Printing if the quantity is very less.
3) In Offset Printing there is wastage of sheets for registration purposes, it increases cost.

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