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The cards comprising business information about any company or an individual are known as business cards. To represent professionalism and for positive image branding of your company, the information placed on business cards must be unique and original. Usually, these cards are printed in 350g/m2 weight and 12pt thickness, but common dimensions of them vary upon your location. Several coats like UV and aqueous coats are used to make them more attractive. In earlier times, they are commonly designed by black text with white background but now, in modern era, different types of graphic techniques are used in business cards, having impressive and enticing colors.

Most popular business cards

Common forms of business cards available in the market are :

Basic cards – Highly preferred by individuals, these cards are available in two color combination, having one foreground and one background. Usually combination of black and white are used in them.

Multipurpose cards – Serving dual purposes, along with usage as business card, they render much more information about your business. For example, along with basic features of business cards, they carry either your photograph or road site map of your company etc.

Picture cards – These cards are consisted with pictures of the person who is owning the business or pictures of your products. They are highly useful for your clients as well as helps a lot in promoting your business.

CD business cards – Recently, new technological advances have made these type of cards which can hold up to 35 to 100 MB of data. Available in square, round and oblong shapes, they are available in same size as that of conventional business cards.

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